Cumberland side chair

The Cumberland Side Chair is an outdoor dining chair in solid teak.


Cotswold Teak

Sizes (in cm):

W51 x H91 x D54

Weather instructions:

<p>UV and weather resistant. Insensitive to temperature differences (-25°C to +70°C).</p> <p>Heat and sun protected</p>
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  • Maintenance

Sizes (cm)
Width: 51 cm
Depth: 54 cm
Total height: 91 cm
Seat height: 46 cm

Teak is a deciduous hardwood tree and contrary to popular belief, comes from the highlands and not from tropical rainforests. No other wood shares teak's exceptional strength and durability. Its unique texture and leathery smell are due to its high oil content. These characteristics, combined with the wood's high density, prevent warping and rot, allowing the furniture to stay outdoors in all conditions, without maintenance or preservatives. Teak is a natural product and, because of this, fluctuations of temperature and humidity may cause surface cracking and in particular the end grains. This is normal and will not affect the durability or strength of the wood.

Left outdoors, untreated teak will adjust to the elements over the years and the colour of the wood will change to an attractive silver grey, aided only by an occasional washing with warm soapy water in order to discourage moss. You can either to leave your teak furniture to go a beautiful silvery grey, or choose to oil it.

Grease spots have appeared on the furniture - This is a natural feature of the wood and grease spots should gradually disappear after being exposed to sunlight. However, should you wish to remove these blemishes, we recommend using a degreasing agent and gentle scrubbing with a brush. Rinse off with clean water. Persistent grease spots can be removed by using white spirit.

The furniture has developed mildow spots or black blemishes - This is usually the result of rainwater or sometimes sap dripping from the leaves of trees onto the wood leaving dark marks and spots. Ideally, we recommend the furniture is not placed under trees. However, these marks can be removed by lightly sanding with fine sandpaper.

How should candle wax or wine stains be removed? - Candle wax can be removed by placing brown paper over the wax mark and pressing with a warm iron. This will melt the wax, drawing it out of the wood and onto the paper. For wine stains, we recommend using mentholated spirits to wipe the area clean.

The furniture doesn't seem to be the same colour as the one I saw in the showroom? - This is due to the finished item being packaged and stored until delivery to the customer. Once the item is placed outside in daylight, the wood will return to its natural colour.

Will my teak furniture last? - Decades of craftsmanship is built into every piece of Cotswold Collection teak. Every joint - using tradition tenon and mortise joints - secured with teak dowels indicates the care and attention to detail that distinguishes our furniture. Most assembly components are made of brass and stainless steel to ensure against rust or deterioration.

All these features guarantee you are purchasing the very best in outdoor leisure furniture - classic and contemporary designs with heirloom quality, impervious to the elements from generation to generation.