Kodo collection

Inspired by the versatile possibilities of mingling different materials into unique designs, studio segers created the Kodo collection. Natural ceramic, industrial aluminium and tactile acrylic rope play the lead roles throughout the collection. These materials are weather-resistant and add a contemporary feeling to the furniture while the soft curves and rounded backs exude a warm and inviting ambience. Find a quiet place and disconnect in the comfortable furniture. Touch, feel, and experience the delicate weave and snug cushions, while enjoying a drink indoors or outdoors.

The extensive Kodo collection by Vincent Sheppard consists of a lounge chair, 2.5 seater lounge sofa, modular sofa, cocoon, footrest, side table, coffee tables in various sizes, sunlounger,  dining chair and dining table.

studio segers

Product designers Wim and Bob Segers from studio segers start from a no-nonsense approach. Each design follows a logic design process in which the processing of product requirements is translated into distinctly characterful entities. With respect for context, sustainable use of materials and a high level of aesthetics we strive to make qualitative products that find theit way to the market.