Oscar dining armchair

The Oscar dining armchair's slender legs create an elegant profile while its woven body adds structure and shape. Outdoor chair fit for all weather conditions and stackable.

Sizes (in cm):

W57 x H83 x D57

Weather instructions:

<p>UV and weather resistant. Insensitive to temperature differences (-25°C to +70°C).</p> <p>Heat and sun protected</p>
  • Specifications

  • Maintenance

Sizes (cm)
Width: 57 cm
Depth: 57 cm
Total height: 83 cm
Seat height: 44 cm
Armrest height: 65 cm
Upholstery Acrylic rope

Nylon glides

Frames Powder coated aluminum frame

For maintaining your rope furniture, we recommend using the fabric and upholstery protector to give optimal stain resistance.

To clean spots on the rope, we suggest applying a mist of soapy water with a spray bottle and then work the solution into the rope with a soft cloth by patting or rubbing lightly. Rinse the solution thoroughly and then blot excess moisture from the rope using a soft cloth and allow air-drying.

Never use a high-pressure hose on acrylic rope.